God exists. This is the nectar of all experience. Nothing is not God. You are God. But nothing peculiar to you is God.  This appears to be a contradiction when first encountered. Seeming contradictions are most instructive. God is the the awareness you call “I” and all the peculiarities about you, your name, your face, […]

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Thoughts as a breeze

   When there is no “my body” or “my mind” what action is there to take? A breeze moves the leaves in a tree without your effort, will or attention. Why then pay attention to your thoughts?  They will find their natural rhythm without your effort, will or attention.

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Thoughts on thoughts

Just as a plant needs water and sunlight to grow, so a thought needs attention. Show no interest in a thought, it withers and dies. *   *   * A thought is like a balloon. It is inflated by our attention.  Anxiety is a thought. * * * A thought is like a pussycat […]

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What can be left after awakening, but serenity? If the person is gone, with all it’s concerns, what can remain but peace? Thoughts appear. Sensations appear. Perhaps the thoughts are of an anxious or distressed quality. But without a person to identify with them, they are just like the weather. Sometimes rain, sometimes wind, sometimes […]

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Nothing personal

Sometimes a thought is accompanied by a bodily sensation They arise together Like an anxiety thought and the sensation of tightness in the throat or chest This reinforces the sense of a “me” When “me” feels stronger, so does other. We may feel the world is against us. That’s just another thought arising. In truth […]

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