Some people are doing quite well in Samsara. They may be thriving and not want to change. That’s ok. There is much to be learned from Samsara, or it wouldn’t exist. If you want to be on a spiritual path, be on a spiritual path. If you don’t, don’t. Ultimately all paths are spiritual paths, […]

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Some yoga practitioners may wonder whether Kundalini is essential to awakening. In this video, Mooji explains the answer very nicely.   In addition, David Godman noted: “Sri Ramana Maharshi never advised his devotees to practice Kundalini Yoga since he regarded it as being both potentially dangerous and unnecessary. He accepted the existence of the Kundalini […]

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Many paths

   If we accept that there are many paths, and that, like rivers, they all flow into the same ocean, then we must refrain from thinking, or saying “my path is best”. At most, we could say “my path is best, for me“.

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Unravelment of the ego

From one point of view it may seem that a person is on a spiritual path where they say “I want to find enlightenment” and then as a result of this path awakening happens. The same thing from a different point of view is that the constituents that make up what we call a person, […]

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The pathless path

So, the Buddha, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta all proscribed a path to enlightenment. Now some contemporary “teachers” say there is no path. So what gives? Well, almost without exception these “teachers” were once seekers. Of course, although our suspicions are aroused they are, in absolute terms, correct. If there is no person seeking liberation then […]

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The ego wants to postpone awakening

I once attended a meeting of a particular group who told me that before attaining enlightenment one must perform 10,000 prostrations before the Buddha. The idea was that the prostrations humble the ego. The funny thing is, this reminded me of the Buddha in the forest before enlightenment, undergoing severe rituals, before he realised the […]

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