To discriminate in the world of forms is foolish. If we shone a flashlight through a prism, would we say blue is better than red or orange better than green when in reality all colours came from the same source? We too, are as light from the same source, shone through the prism of […]

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The (false) idea of separation

Young children have not been indoctrinated with the idea that they are separate. Even around eight, nine, or ten years of age, although they now see themselves as separate individuals, the consequences of that false belief have often not yet set in. For instance, watch a group of children who don’t know each other come […]

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The problem of evil

   When we look at acts of terrorism or the abuse of children and many other acts we consider evil, and we understand the universe to be a manifestation of consciousness, then we ask why is evil a manifestation of consciousness? Especially if consciousness is said to be effulgent with love. Love us actually a […]

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