Finding the source

   The mind sees itself in a positive sense, something which illuminates the world.  To the awakened Self it is seen that the mind is negative in the sense that it obscures, rather than reveals the world. It is like the image on the film in front of the projector light. The image is projected […]

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The analogy of the trolley bus

   As a trolley bus, goes about connected to its power source, so the human being goes about connected to the Self. But the human being thinks it is self contained. Thoughts and sensations appear to something, and this something is the Self. It is the same in all, one without other. The human being develops […]

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The person you think you are, is no more than a fragrance in the universe.  Stop identifying with this fragrance. It appeared and it will disappear. You are the space in which this fragrance appears.  The space neither comes or goes. This is identification with the true Self.

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A quote: Avadhuta Gita 

Though you may be spoken of, you have neither name nor form. Whether you are divided or undivided, there’s nothing here but you. O mind, O shameless, wandering mind! Why do you weary yourself so? I’m nectarean knowledge, unchanging bliss; I’m everywhere, like space​.

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   In this quicksilver, centerless consciousness “I Am” pervades everything  dust mote, star, amoeba, gate-post, human, stone, river, ocean, tree Realising Self, Self is seen in everything  As if the world is a mirror Om, shanti, shanti

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When the Self is realised, all questions cease. It’s is not that every question is given an answer, It is that the nature of questions is rendered superfluous, like carrying a candle from a dark labyrinth into bright sunlight. We discard the candle without a thought. So it is with our questions. In deepest truth, […]

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Beyond the separate self

The idea that we are a seperate self is a habit derived from conditioning. When the illusion is broken it does not look so robust. The gaps become obvious, and what was one solid now looks like separate strands which are no longer woven together by the mind. As these words are written, they are […]

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