Love permeates the universe. It is beyond measure and available to you right now, without discrimination or judgment.   How do you feel this love?  Simply stop not feeling it. It’s no riddle. Just float with it.  The mind itself draws a curtain across the light. The mind thinks it apprehends reality,  but it only […]

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Love knows no discretion

Love knows no discretion. Just as the sun shines light upon all, so does love bathe all. And, just as clouds make shadows where no direct light shines, so do self-centred thoughts make shadows where no love shines. To the awakened all is transparent. Where can shadows form when there is no person?

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God exists. This is the nectar of all experience. Nothing is not God. You are God. But nothing peculiar to you is God.  This appears to be a contradiction when first encountered. Seeming contradictions are most instructive. God is the the awareness you call “I” and all the peculiarities about you, your name, your face, […]

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River of Being

And finally, the mind collapses  into this sparkling river of Being Oh Love! The universe is but a ripple of your presence! I am the same self in all That ancient refrain, realised Stillness, as the world moves through me like a wave

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The end of personhood 

   It is real. It is love. It is the end of personhood.  It is like shifting focus with a lens, pulling back to reveal a shimmering truth hitherto undreamed of but instantly familiar. It is attainable because you already are it! All you have to do is cast something off.  Like a diver, born […]

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