Liberation is the Sadhu with one arm held aloft for years or the priest lost in prayers Liberation is the woman in the cafe staring into her latte bowl or the monk with his begging bowl Liberation is the silence of a forest or the noise of city streets Liberation is the nuclear center of […]

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Transcending the circuitry

Imagine the human brain as electronic circuitry. This electronic brain is attached to five kinds of sensors to inform it about the outside world. One type of sensor is the visual sensor. It is sensitive only to a narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Though the spectrum is a continuum that runs from very short […]

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The end of personhood

Sensations arise in awareness colour, sound thoughts arise but no-one is having them emotions arise but they are not energized by the sense “me” the sense of a “me” as an individual is a habit it seems so self-apparent it is never questioned But when we explore this question it evaporates All our problems relate […]

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