The ego paints itself over the world

The ego will paint itself over the world, to try to confirm its own existence. It uses opinions and layers of identity, such as gender, social status, tribe and race, even sports team affiliation, to create and identifiable self. Some aggressively assert themselves, while others identity with ailments, challenges and setbacks, which, whether real or […]

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On the ego

If we say “I drove to the airport.” We are saying the body moved from A to B.  We assume the mind also moved,  because we consider it a phenomenon of the body (specifically,  the brain) .  But if  we speak of consciousness, consciousness did not move at all. A body moved through consciousness.  All […]

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What is the ego?

The ego is the sense of self. It is the sense of being a seperate individual with an indentity. I’m short, an ego is the sense of personhood. The ego has no substantive existence. It is a phenomena arising as a bridge between Awareness and the apparent external world. Without the bridge of the ego, […]

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The ego is like Spider-Man

   Prior to awakening, the ego seems strong, because of conditioning. In reality it is quite feeble, always looking to reinforce itself by clinging to relationships, causes, problems, interests, pleasures and sensations. It is like Spider-Man swinging between buildings, if it has no thread on the next object, very soon after it lets go the […]

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Ego is like an aurora

   That which fears the loss of personal identity is the ego. The ego fears its own demise. But the ego isn’t you and never was you. What may feel like a frightening loss is actually an infinite gain beyond expression. It is the gain of what was never lost, the removal of the opaque […]

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The ego

Let the seperate strands be as they are; a visual sensation here, the feeling of sitting here, a sound sensation here, a thought here. They are all sensations arising in awareness. Why combine them into something imaginary, like a person? The ego stands between the strands, as air, and says “because of these, I am […]

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