God exists. This is the nectar of all experience. Nothing is not God. You are God. But nothing peculiar to you is God.  This appears to be a contradiction when first encountered. Seeming contradictions are most instructive. God is the the awareness you call “I” and all the peculiarities about you, your name, your face, […]

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A few words on consciousness 

   To say that consciousness is an impermeable quality of the universe is on the way to the truth.  Truer still, is to say that the universe is an expression of the one infinite consciousness. Every human being is an element of the one infinite consciousness experiencing itself. That which one persons calls “I” is […]

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In this great deathless ocean

Everything is alive Everything is consciousness No wealth tempts the mystic no kingdom because the kingdom is within No person here no centre hallelujah! In this great deathless ocean mountains and stars are alive In this great deathless ocean bliss is in the motion of every shimmering particle Holy! Holy! Holy! Aum!

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Being human

A human being is a composite of disparate strands. From these disparate strands the mind creates the illusion of persistence by constantly moving from one strand to another. For example the mind may follow a chain of arising thoughts. It may then move from the thoughts to an itch on the foot. Then it will […]

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