God exists. This is the nectar of all experience. Nothing is not God. You are God. But nothing peculiar to you is God.  This appears to be a contradiction when first encountered. Seeming contradictions are most instructive. God is the the awareness you call “I” and all the peculiarities about you, your name, your face, […]

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Finding the source

   The mind sees itself in a positive sense, something which illuminates the world.  To the awakened Self it is seen that the mind is negative in the sense that it obscures, rather than reveals the world. It is like the image on the film in front of the projector light. The image is projected […]

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Sickness and pain are teachers

Sometimes the body gets sick. Or you may get injured, and feel pain.  In one way, sickness and pain contribute to our feeling of separation, because they appear to be so personal.  We don’t want to feel pain. We want to feel pleasure. The sun on our face is more desirable than a tooth ache.  […]

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Discrimination, be it based on sexual orientation, race, religion, social status, age, gender, or any other sort, is a reflection of, and reinforces, separation in the one discriminating. Discrimination can only come from thoughts. Awareness does not discriminate. It allows.  If one wants to awaken one must become like awareness. And you are the only […]

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Transcending the circuitry

Imagine the human brain as electronic circuitry. This electronic brain is attached to five kinds of sensors to inform it about the outside world. One type of sensor is the visual sensor. It is sensitive only to a narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Though the spectrum is a continuum that runs from very short […]

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An experiment in awareness 

If you close your eyes and just allow a spaciousness. Notice your awareness has no borders. It’s just a shapeless, borderless space. You might hear a sound. A car door closing. A dog barking. Whatever it is just allow it. Notice your thoughts arising. There really is no difference between a sound occurring and a […]

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Maya, a bubble of illusion

   Maya is like a bubble of illusion. Within the bubble all things seem real.  From without the bubble, nothing within it is engaging. Not politics, not the latest trends, not even death. Death only exists within the bubble, and without it, the bubble and its contents are seen as illusory and substance-less. We don’t […]

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