Who you really are

The realm of the senses could be a hallucination. Even a dream seems  totally real.  The one thing you can be absolutely sure of, is your awareness, the inviolable certainty that “I am”. Abide in this presence. Rest in the “I am”. This is unshakable, who you really are is the source and the witness […]

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The dreamed character awakens

  If a character in a dream begins to get an incling that the dream isn’t real, she should imagine herself to be the dreamer. Because identifying with anything particular to the dream character only maintains the dream. To see the whole dream as “I” is the key, because the dreamed grass and the dreamed […]

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A sharpened stick

   What can I say to you right now? You are not an individual person.  You feel like you are. It has been your life experience that you are.  The belief that you are a seperate individual has been reinforced since birth and it is pan-cultural.  The truth of oneness is not merely an idea […]

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On Awakening 

In the Self there is no craving or desire. All is whole. This does not mean that there is no enjoyment of things, but that fulfilment is complete already and more is not sought. In the Self, life is allowed to arise spontaneously. The Self abides in peace, lacks nothing and cannot be so much as […]

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Nothing to fix

Truthfully perceived, the whole world is perfect. Only the delusion we project upon the world is imperfect. When delusion is dispelled, that for which we were longing is realised. 

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