All opinions exist in the mind. They are not you. They are not even “yours”.  You can observe your mind. Therefore you cannot BE your mind.  Opinions just happen, like rain happens.

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The Self has no preferences

The Self has no aversion to anything.  If aversion is sensed, it is the ego responding.  All emotional response is of the ego. Love emanates from the self, but it is not in response to any person, object or event. It flows constantly. The Self has no preferences. But the ego prefers this, over that. […]

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The tool has run amok!

The mind is a tool that took over and enslaved it’s master. It is fine tool. A useful tool. But it has become like a jack-hammer that cannot be turned off. All day and night it hammers away. Actually there is some respite in dreamless sleep, but for many people even this is disturbed by […]

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On politics

Your political thoughts are neither wrong, nor absolutely real. The error is not in the thoughts, it is in the possessive; “my” thoughts. You are not the thinker. The thinker is the body/mind. It comes and goes. It dies. So then, your political thoughts are happening. That is all we can say about it. They […]

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Submit to the universe, but don’t have any expectation of what the universe might do with you. It may require a punk rocker more than a guru right now

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