Transcend identity

Transcend identity. Go back. Read it again. Transcend identity. In this transaction there is an apparent gain and an apparent loss (from the perspective of the convergence of phenomena which we call a human being). Apparent loss. Really this is no loss. The identity is the sole opaqueness which veils Being Consciousness and Bliss. But […]

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Nothing to worry about

This idea that there is absolutely nothing to worry about is difficult to grasp yet very simple at the same time. You could point to any number of things, both personal and global and say it would be inhuman, callous or indifferent not to worry about them. So we have ask ourselves, does awareness worry? […]

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The essence of light

A boy and an awakened master were walking in a garden one morning. “Master,” said the boy “since you have realised the Self, when you speak, is it God speaking?”. The old master smiled. Then he said “look how nearly all of these lilies are in the shade. They are like most people, in the […]

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Our experience in this moment consists of some combination of the world, our body, and our thoughts. Let go the “my” body and the “my” thoughts and see that they are no different from “the” world. Now we are identifying with our true Self, with awareness. Next, see that everything is the Self. Hold your […]

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The mind creates time because it must. It must because the brain functions sequentially. The brain is a biological structure which sequentially processes inputs. It projects a sense of time (just as it projects a sense of a separate self) in order to make the world intelligible via its own LIMITATION of sequential processing. To […]

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Every problem relates to the ego.

Every problem relates to the ego. The Absolute, or Self, has no problems! Solving a problem in the realm of the ego (in this sense defined as the individual self) always leads to the arising of another problem, until death. Death itself affects only the individual self, or ego. The Absolute or supreme Self is […]

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