Ownership of thoughts.

Scientists think the sense that we are having the thoughts which appear in our consciousness, is due to a phenomenon called “corollary discharge”. Disruption of this sense, such as in schizophrenia, can result in “hearing voices” because without the sense of ownership of our thoughts, they may appear to come from other entities. In spiritual […]

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A mango, falling from a tree

It has been said that there is no point in seeking because the seeker has no control over awakening, just as a mango has no control in falling from a tree. But just as there are changes within the mango as it ripens, so often is the human ripening accompanied by a deep seeking. This […]

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Behind the world of forms

The end of personhood may not sound attractive. The world of forms seems much more exciting. But eventually the emptiness of forms is perceived, often at first with an unfulfilled longing, perhaps accompanied by depression or restlessness.  Eventually it is seen that what one has been seeking in the world of forms, is actually the […]

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Your problems are known, understood and accepted. The real solution is not to solve them, as another problem will surely appear in its place, but to enquire into the one who has the problem, and discover that this personal self is a phantom, one whom does not, cannot, really exist. With the dissolution of the ego, […]

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The ego paints itself over the world

The ego will paint itself over the world, to try to confirm its own existence. It uses opinions and layers of identity, such as gender, social status, tribe and race, even sports team affiliation, to create and identifiable self. Some aggressively assert themselves, while others identity with ailments, challenges and setbacks, which, whether real or […]

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Don’t worry

There is nothing to worry about.The universe exists on the allowing of all possibility . If we abide in the same loving acceptance of all that is, then we are in harmony with God.

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As science advances, it repudiates the false and confirms the truth. Advaita remains in harmony with with science.

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