Submit to the universe, but don’t have any expectation of what the universe might do with you. It may require a punk rocker more than a guru right now

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Helping the universe?

You can’t “help” the universe. You can’t work for God.  Awareness is impervious to any harm, nothing can inflict the slight scratch on presence. Therefore who could help the universe? In the realm of Maya a person can help relieve the suffering of others. But even this is simply happening. No-one is great and no-one […]

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Meant to be

It doesn’t matter to awareness whether you find enlightenment or not. You’re just “meant” to be exactly what you are.

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Assimilated, spiritual awakening is absolute freedom. The person need no longer concern itself with “who” they are, nor try to be a “good” person. The person is simply what it is, like a flower in a garden, which grows according to it’s nature an environment, without concern.

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