That person, I thought myself to be shrunk away, til it was a grain of sand on a vast beach every grain is loved. and the original grain is lost

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Life story (a poem)

My life story is the florid explosions of stars forging, in that moment all the elements heavier than iron My life story is the uplifting of mountain ranges in savage thrusts of toothlike rock and dust My life story is the rain of eons gurgling in streams into fervid oceans of ever more complex chemistry […]

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You took a while to die

You took a while to die old body, mind the potters wheel spun a few times, on momentum You took a while to die old self,  identity dissolved, like a mirage approached, resolved The sky pretended to be a cloud awakening to its original truth even enlightenment a kind of pretending The girl dressed as […]

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River of Being

And finally, the mind collapses  into this sparkling river of Being Oh Love! The universe is but a ripple of your presence! I am the same self in all That ancient refrain, realised Stillness, as the world moves through me like a wave

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