The end of spirituality

After awakening there is no spirituality. It is realised that one is what one sought. You are home. Previously the person you thought you were was so much more important than all other people. Importance diminshed as proximity and famial bonds decreased. But now there is no such bias. All beings are equally important. Everything […]

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You are not a person

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe you are a person. The notion of personhood is culturally and historically ingrained, yet upon true examination it withers and dies.  We often use the terms human being and person interchangeably, but it is instructive to consider the differences. A human being is a complex biological […]

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God exists. This is the nectar of all experience. Nothing is not God. You are God. But nothing peculiar to you is God.  This appears to be a contradiction when first encountered. Seeming contradictions are most instructive. God is the the awareness you call “I” and all the peculiarities about you, your name, your face, […]

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Upon awakening, the idea of death collapses completely. It is seen that “I” the singular and universal consciousness witnesses and experiences all bodies come and go. Even deeper, there is no coming and going, yet this idea its beyond the human mind to fully understand and embrace, given how we depend on chronology to scaffold […]

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You want to know peace. But your peace is disturbed. First, by the thoughts and anxieties inside your head. Next, by small things near to you, the irritation of a piece of rough clothing. A blister. The sound of a fly in your room when you’re trying to sleep. A dog barking. Then by bigger […]

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To you, right now

​ Your life has lead you to this. You are standing on a precipice. You are Neo from The Matrix staring at the red pill and the blue pill in the hand of Morpheus. You are Alice reading “Drink me”. Your life is the rainbow sheen on a floating bubble, and just as ephemeral. But […]

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