The grand melieu of life

So much of Advaita, or non-dual teaching focuses on the transcending of temporal life, that one may get the idea that human life is wrong or bad. The reason teachings focus on spiritual awakening is because they address the yearning of those who have suffered or at the very least, have realised the the futility […]

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Acceptance (the ego litmus test)

The Supreme Being lovingly accepts everything. Ego does not. If I asked you to accept environmental destruction, heinous crimes or terrorism, that resistant part of you is the ego. It flares and says “I simply cannot accept these things”. But acceptance is not the same as giving support or approval. Accepting is a radical allowing […]

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There are no opposing forces

There are no opposing forces. The ego creates imaginary opposing forces in order to reinforce itself, in much the same way as acswimmer pushes off with their feet as they turn in a pool. With something to push against, the ego attempts to confirm its existence. Opposition and conflict are ego reinforcing habits. The ego […]

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Going for juggler

Awakening is such a paradigm shift that people either decide they don’t want it, or cant really concieve of it. These people are knocking on the door. Grace is listening.  The thing is, the elements that comprise a person are in fact disparate components. It’s like a constant juggling act wheres there’s always a ball […]

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What is a person?

What we consider to be a person, indeed our very selves, is essentially a confluence of disparate elements. Of these constituent parts, it is consciousness that underpins and “ties” the parts together . Consciousness however is neither created by, not a function of the brain. Consciousness is ubiquitous, seamless and singular. The mind is brain […]

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