An experiment in awareness.

If you wear reading glasses, and you remove them and look at some text, something interesting about awareness happens.

The text becomes blurry. Perhaps unreadable. No surprises there;

But awareness is pristinely aware of this blurriness.

Try it.

There’s no gap, or deficiency in awareness.

This goes for all the senses.

If you are hearing impaired, awareness is pristinely aware of muffled sounds.

This experiment demonstrates that what we are aware of is not really the world at all.

We are aware of our senses.

The body/mind presents sense sensations to awareness.

Now, many of us have been intoxicated before, and noticed our thoughts were inebriated. We could actually “see” that our thoughts were sluggish, or impaired.

Awareness was pristinely aware of our impaired thoughts, just as it is aware of our blurry vision.

Examining impairment (temporary or permanent) disabuses us of the entirely false notion that we are directly experiencing a world,

because it demonstrates unambigously that we are actually only experiencing our senses.

It also shows us that we are neither the senses nor our thoughts, because we are pristinely aware of these, and awareness itself is unaltered by impairment.

The entirety of what we think we are, is a show.

It’s a show of sensations, thoughts and emotions centred around a character which only exists as a fluctuating show of sensations thoughts and emotions.

Once this is really seen, it can never be unseen.
The illusion of being an agent, or “doer” is broken.

The collection of sensations, thoughts and emotions can no longer convincingly construct an i-self, or ego, that stands separate and independent of the world, and awareness.

Such a mirage may be entered into playfully and purposefully, again;

but the forgetting that once seemed unbreakable is now transparent where it was utterly opaque.

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