These things I have seen.

Why it is useful to distuinguish between pain and suffering and how we can have one without the other.

Suffering exists as the relationship between the body/mind and discomfort/pain.
It can (obviously) be physical or mental/emotional.

Why does it exist ‘as the relationship’ not as the pain itself?

Because without the false identity (separate self/ego) pain is not suffering, it is simply pain arising in awareness.

This doesn’t diminish the pain. It may be excruciating.

But the SUFFERING aspect is entirely the relationship between the pain and the false identity.


Suffering inevitably involves a ME which is experiencing the pain, and will include mental activity such as fear, despair, anxiety or anger.

We don’t need to run away from pain.

Pain is inevitable. The same with discomfort.
However the suffering aspect of pain dissolves with awakening because the relationship between the false identity and the pain is destroyed.

The pain is still there, but the false identity is absent, so the relationship is destroyed and suffering dissolved.

Again, pain is still present in awareness.

If I put my hand into a fire, severe pain will arise in awareness.

Now stop there a moment. If there is no false identity, then who is to suffer? It is simply- pain.

Suffering is another layer placed on pain by the ego, and it’s effect is to magnify and draw out the body/minds experience of pain.

This is especially true of mental/emotional pain.

This body/mind speaks from acute and chronic experience that the mind creates layers of suffering without recourse to reality

Worry and anxiety are created from both past and future oriented thoughts.
All existing precisely as the relationship between false identity and discomfort/pain.

The key is not identifying with discomfort/pain thoughts/feelings/sensations.

Observe these thoughts/feelings/sensations arising in emptiness, appearing to awareness. Appearing to no-one.

Observe them with a loving, allowing, disinterest (if this seems like a contradiction try it right now. Sit as awareness and witness the world with loving disinterest. Not judging, not engaging, not dismissive. Even and loving).

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