Death before death

Some people take their own lives. The tragedy is that instead of ending the life of the body/mind, they could end the life of the ego only.

Then the body/mind becomes it’s natural expression, unfettered by the false idea of being a separate individual, with all the neurosis, hate and fear that come with it.

I am speaking from experience when I say this kind of despair is an opportunity to awaken because it comes with a desperation to transcend the current life.

A comfortable life affords no great motivation to pursue reality. The dreamer of a pleasant dream wants to keep sleeping, while the dreamer of a nightmare is desperate for the nightmare to end.

Anxiety and depression are like God handing you a golden key.

I battled severe depression for at least 15 years. I wish I realised earlier that it wasn’t a fight. It was an opportunity.

It was the gift of feeling the emptiness of the dreamworld, MAGNIFIED BEYOND THE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES OF MY LIFE.

Isn’t this the very definition of depression as an illness; despair beyond current factors.

And isn’t the gift then, that;


All one can do is speak from experience and my experience is that this body/mind is no longer on any medication at all, and that;

SAT, CHIT, ANANDA (Being, consciousness, bliss) is the unchanging background upon which the comings and goings of thoughts and sensations, which constitute this so-called life, arise and fall.


#depression #suicide #spirituality #death #advaita #nonduality

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