The dance of Shiva

Seems so obvious. The world appears in awarerness. Always known it. Never not known it.

Yet this “person” did not know it. Hide and seek. The universe playing hide and seek with itself.

Someone asks what it is. I want to laugh. I want to leap. I want to dance!

This condition of not-knowing is the rarity in the universe. The stars know. The interstellar dust knows. Helium knows and hydrogen knows. The emptiness of space knows. Dark matter knows. Dark energy knows! Primitive life forms know.

Complex life forms do not know. They are advanced enough to cast a veil. To play hide and seek with consciousness.

Shiva dances out the hologram of space and time. Casting waves on the great ocean of being.

The universe in every atom dances with every atom in the universe.

Love. Love is the nature of existence.

Seems so obvious now.

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