It’s not about changing the world

It’s not about changing the world.
Some people are activists. That is their dharma. Others are not. That is THEIR dharma.
It is not superior or better to be working towards a better world. It just is. Don’t let the ego get involved.

Many people who actively try to change the world only bring conflict into the world. What did they improve?

Seek first your own awakening. It is the greatest thing you can do for the world. Be love. Be light. That will create change. That will transform consciousness.

This is a seeming contradiction. Do nothing. Change the world.

The world is perfect as it is. If the mind cannot grasp this, the mind misunderstands what the world is for.

It is not a case of “everything will be ok”. Everything is OK.
Nothing turns out good or bad. Everything is as it is. There is no imperfection. Let go. Fall into the Being, Consciousness and Bliss which you already are. There is nothing but this.


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