Nothing to worry about

This idea that there is absolutely nothing to worry about is difficult to grasp yet very simple at the same time.

You could point to any number of things, both personal and global and say it would be inhuman, callous or indifferent not to worry about them.

So we have ask ourselves, does awareness worry?

The answer is awareness witnesses worry. But awareness is peace itself.

Then we have to ask, who am I?

Again we come back to the reality that we are awareness, the witnessing presence. In fact, this is the only conclusion we can come to with absolute certainty.

Worry is a phenomenon of the mind. And we are not that.

If we reside in the heart. If we abide in love. That is all we have to do.

If you notice you’ve lost that, come back to it. Over and over, return to the heart.

A place you return to often is your home. Keep returning to the heart and it will become your home.

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