The mind creates time because it must. It must because the brain functions sequentially.

The brain is a biological structure which sequentially processes inputs. It projects a sense of time (just as it projects a sense of a separate self) in order to make the world intelligible via its own LIMITATION of sequential processing.

To go beyond the mind is to go beyond time.

Nearly all of our speculations about “Gods purpose” are related to our concept of evolution, which is sequential, limited, and time-bound. God (The Absolute, Awareness, Consciousness, Brahman) is not limited or time-bound.

Even our concept of reincarnation is evolutionary, sequential and time-bound.

This is not to say it is not real, but to remind us that our sequential, time-bound brains make a sequential time-bound INTERPRETATION of reality, which therefore has no absolute existence or authority.

In other words, we must accept that (for example) reincarnation is the best INTERPRETATION our limited, sequential, time-bound minds can make, but ALL such interpretations are PROVISIONAL.

This provisionality must extend to all religions and spiritual paths.

When an awakened one speaks, they must express the inexpressable in limited, sequential, time-bound langauge. SO THE SAME PROVISIONALITY persists.

Yet PRESENSE is not sequential, time-bound or limited.

Therefore open yourself to presence.

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