Every problem relates to the ego.

Every problem relates to the ego. The Absolute, or Self, has no problems!

Solving a problem in the realm of the ego (in this sense defined as the individual self) always leads to the arising of another problem, until death.

Death itself affects only the individual self, or ego. The Absolute or supreme Self is birthless and deathless.

You ARE the Absolute or Supreme self.

Therefore all suffering arises from the false identification with the ego, or limited self.

For example, if you have a problem, it is all-consuming. It will keep you up at night!

But if an acquaintance has a problem, the impact is vastly different. You may offer advice or support, but you can switch off from the problem easily when you are not in the company of that person, and are engaged in your own daily life.

This is the difference between identification with a problem, and observation of a problem.

Love and compassion may be present in the observation or witnessing of a problem.

Worry, anxiety and depression are more likely to be present in the identification with a problem.

If you stand as awareness, identifying with your true Self, then you become the witness of problems, which are not really problems at all, without the identifying ego, they are simply what’s happening.

Now love, kindness and compassion can flow to all beings caught in the Maya of percieved problems.

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