Seeing from a point of view.

When grappling with the idea that there is nothing but the Self, we may be confused because we appear to have a locality in space. We appear to have a point of view.

However, if we enquire into this experience, we find something amazing!

Firstly, regarding the sense of vision; it is true that the related sense organs, the eyes, are located in space.

The objects the eyes see, are also located in space. This relationship infers a self which is located in space.

But there is a trick here. An illusion!

We are aware of the sensation of sight. But where is this awareness?

Close your eyes. Try to locate this awareness. 

You find that all you can locate are the sensations within awareness.

Awareness itself, has no location. And no shape. It cannot be found in space because it percieves space. Awareness is boundless. 

You are awareness. You are the Self. Only what you are aware of, is bound by time and space, and all time and space exists within, and is no different from; awareness.

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