The tool has run amok!

The mind is a tool that took over and enslaved it’s master.

It is fine tool. A useful tool. But it has become like a jack-hammer that cannot be turned off.

All day and night it hammers away. Actually there is some respite in dreamless sleep, but for many people even this is disturbed by the the constant hammering.

The answer is not to label the jack-hammer as “bad” or vow to turn it off and never use it again. This is not wisdom.

Wisdom is to turn the jack-hammer on as required and turn it back off again when finished.

If the Self is the operator and the mind is the jack-hammer, then which is addicted to hammering?

The absolute has no addictions. Therefore it is the mind which is addicted to thinking. And this is the root of human suffering. 

The mind is the rogue tool which, like Frankenstein’s monster, clings to the life it is given and reinforces it’s ephemeral existence by creating constant feedback.

“I am alive!” shouts the mind at every opportunity.

But this mind, and it’s ego, which is the personification of the mind, is an engine of separation.

It labels everything “self” and “other”. It labels the grass not just green but long or short, patchy, manicured or weedy. And that’s before it looks up from it’s toes!

The tool has run amok!

Everything which is not peace, which is not bliss, is the mind. 

Meditation is one method of turning the jack-hammer off.

Actually, with the mind it is unessary (in fact, unhelpful) to be obsessed with turning it off completely. 

Merely quietening it is enough to achieve the essential thing; non-identification with the mind.

Once the mind is witnessed, by the witness, AS the witness; then the power of addiction, of the construction of the ego, begins dissolving.

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