On politics

Your political thoughts are neither wrong, nor absolutely real.

The error is not in the thoughts, it is in the possessive; “my” thoughts.

You are not the thinker. The thinker is the body/mind. It comes and goes. It dies.

So then, your political thoughts are happening. That is all we can say about it. They are happening, and they are of this or that character.

Don’t try not to have political thoughts. It is like trying to roll a stone over with nothing but your mind. 

Simply identify with awareness. Awareness has no political thought. That is who you are.

The ego creates one type of thought. The egoless mind, another. It doesn’t matter but for the effect, more suffering or less suffering?

Compassion is always good. Compassion to this mind/body you identify with, as well as compassion to all creatures. 

Love is the flow of the universe, hate is the disturbance when the the flow is constricted by the ego.

What is politics? The coming and going of a tide, a whisp of sand stirred by a breeze in a desert.

Let political thoughts be. This brain will create this political view, that brain will create another. So be it. Love is the engine of change in the domain of minds. Be love.

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