The grand melieu of life

So much of Advaita, or non-dual teaching focuses on the transcending of temporal life, that one may get the idea that human life is wrong or bad.

The reason teachings focus on spiritual awakening is because they address the yearning of those who have suffered or at the very least, have realised the the futility of finding lasting peace and happiness in the world of the senses.

Further, those who are not awake are described as being cloaked in ignorance.

But the world is not an accident. Neither are the trials, tribulations, passions, loves and lusts encountered in the human condition.

Indeed, the cloak of ignorance itself, is no accident. Neither, conversely is it’s dissolution.

In this matter, one should follow one’s heart. The way out of suffering is offered, but should you wish to plunge into that grand melieu of existence, then by all means do so (with the possible caveat that life is indeed a rollercoaster and one should be aware and willing to endure it’s highs and lows).

The answer to the mysteries of life is exactly this moment. 

Rendered in linear time-bound dimensions, this moment is the answer to the one preceding.

Outside of time and space, the unfolding appearance of motion, is stilled in exquisite beauty. 

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