Acceptance (the ego litmus test)

The Supreme Being lovingly accepts everything. Ego does not.

If I asked you to accept environmental destruction, heinous crimes or terrorism, that resistant part of you is the ego. It flares and says “I simply cannot accept these things”.

But acceptance is not the same as giving support or approval. Accepting is a radical allowing that lovingly accepts the potentials of the universe.

Acceptance says “This is what is happening” without judgement.

If you examine your non-acceptance, you will see that is actually ineffective anyway. Non-acceptance is an egoic resitance to what-is, and it causes anger and separation.

All you have to do is practice loving compassion.

For example, if you accept that humanity is destroying the planet out of greed; loving kindness will guide you in how best to heal the planet. The difference is that without anger and opposition, you can get beside perpertrators of destruction and undestand the forces and pressures that compell them to act as they do, while giving you an opportunity to convey another point of view.

This practice changes everything. If we accept that some people will become addicted to drugs and rob and steal, then our response to being robbed is transformed. Anger is transformed into compassion. Our personal inconvience is accepted as simply what is happening, which in fact it is, regardless of how we react or how much angst we put ourselves through.

Suddenly we are flowing with life, rather than resisting it. Sadness may arise, joy may arise. They are aĺl maniffestations in a background of bliss.

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