How can one be at peace in a world full of suffering?

For Sit, Chat, Ananda (that is; Being, Consciousness, Bliss) to be possible in this troubled world, should immediately strike you as a contradiction.
You might think “surely one who exists in a state of blissful peace can only be selfishly ignoring all the suffering in the world”.

This is an illustrative contradiction:

From the relative position of the human mind, truly resting peacefuly in the world, while such suffering occurs, could only be an act of wilful indifference.

But then great sages from throughout history must be wrong?

The truth is that beyond the human mind the absolute perfection of the moment is realised.

Everything we can sense is a manifestation of consciousness. 

Everything is born of love and sustained in love and decays and disappears with love.

All suffering and all joy are held in love. 

Equanimity is not to be found in the mind of a human being, it is the space in which the phenomenon of minds themselves occur.

Being, Consciousnes, Bliss is always-already-there. The mind is like a knot which obscures it.

Transcending the mind is like untying the knot and just allowing what is always-already-there.
May it rain on you, and may you throw your arms up to the heavens and realise that indeed, you are the rain.


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