There are no opposing forces

There are no opposing forces.

The ego creates imaginary opposing forces in order to reinforce itself, in much the same way as acswimmer pushes off with their feet as they turn in a pool.
With something to push against, the ego attempts to confirm its existence.

Opposition and conflict are ego reinforcing habits. The ego generates opposition in a near continuous stream, in the home, while driving, at work, and in most other facets of life.

Those with a strong conscience often seek conflict in pursuit of political and environmental causes.

Worthiness is an illusion that attempts to cloak ego driven conflict-seeking in a garland of righteousness.

In all cases conflict is counter productive to ones goals because the ego is more interested in winning arguments, scoring points and protecting it’s thin skin, than achieving its stated aims.

If the mind is projecting the illusion that one is a separate self, then simply acting with love and compassion towards all, will accomplish ones noble objectives. In this way, it is better to follow the example of Gandhi.

To the awakened sage, for whom there is no sensation of personhood, there arises no question; one is not the doer, and all unfolds naturally and spontaneously in the service of God.

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