An arrow, crudely drawn

There is a witness inside you. It is the same witness who is inside everybody else. 

It witnesses your mind,  and it has witnessed the construction of a mental self,  the ego,  a sense of being a separate self. 

This witness is itself beyond comprehension.  What it is witnessing is no doubt a turmoil of happiness, anxiety,  stress, excitement, fear,  frustration and love. In short,  the whole tumult of human existence. 

This you,  the witnessed person,  was born and will die.  

The real you,  the witness,  is beyond birth and death. 

All these words don’t even scratch the surface.  They are the best this body/mind can do. They are an arrow,  crudely  drawn on a cave wall,  pointing the lost Explorer back to the light. Your own curiosity is the lamp,  without which you could not even see the arrow. 

Go in love…

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