On the ego

If we say “I drove to the airport.” We are saying the body moved from A to B.  We assume the mind also moved,  because we consider it a phenomenon of the body (specifically,  the brain) . 

But if  we speak of consciousness, consciousness did not move at all. A body moved through consciousness. 

All the way to the airport,  consciousness was aware of the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the body.  Consciousness is aware of all thoughts,  feelings and sensations. 

Driving to the airport happened.  It was witnessed from within and without.  There wasn’t even a within and without; just a total seamlessness. 

So what is this ego?  What is this sense of a separate self? 

The ego is merely a convenient construct. It is an apparition  that sits between,  and regulates the systems of the mind and body. 

And not only is it unnecessary, it is also the source of misery. 

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