Going for juggler

Awakening is such a paradigm shift that people either decide they don’t want it, or cant really concieve of it.
These people are knocking on the door. Grace is listening. 

The thing is, the elements that comprise a person are in fact disparate components. It’s like a constant juggling act wheres there’s always a ball in the air, but in reality it’s not the same ball.It’s an illusion of continuity.

Awakening is like letting the juggling balls fall to the floor. The game is up. The effort ceases. The constant juggling, over.

It is seen.that everyone is juggling. Some people are even juggling five balls and saying “look at me, I’m enlightened!”.

Where the metaphore breaks down as that in.awakwning, qhen the huggling ceases, there is no juggler. The juggler is caused by the juggling

 One becomes the boundless space in which all juggling happens. In which everything happens.

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