What is a person?

What we consider to be a person, indeed our very selves, is essentially a confluence of disparate elements.
Of these constituent parts, it is consciousness that underpins and “ties” the parts together .

Consciousness however is neither created by, not a function of the brain. Consciousness is ubiquitous, seamless and singular.

The mind is brain function witness by consciousness. 

The ego, or sense of being a person, is a mental construction, and has no absolute and independent existence.It is culturally reinforced across all human societies, snd is the root cause of suffering.

Of the parts comprising a person, such as the body, mind, identity, sensations and environment, only consciousness is absolute, enduring, and not time-bound.

If one recognises, and realizes consciousness as one-Self, then immortality is achieved. 

This “person” is seen for what it is, a confluence of sensations and thoughts arising spontaneously. Suddenly there is no centre. No person things are happening to. 

 Freedom becomes ones nature. Is ones nature. Always was ones nature.

The world is unchanged, yet utterly different!

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