Life story (a poem)

My life story is

the florid explosions of stars

forging, in that moment

all the elements heavier than iron
My life story is

the uplifting of mountain ranges

in savage thrusts of toothlike rock

and dust
My life story is

the rain of eons gurgling in streams into fervid oceans of ever more complex chemistry

Cells, little molecular machines 

divide and combine in surges of beaury and death

I am the first twists of carbon.swimming

and the first mudfish crawling
My life story is volcanoes and pterosaurs,

lipstick on spongy tissue, in a flash
I am expressed as time, linearly and space exponentially and other dimenions, folded and embedded and curled

I am rockets and lovemaking,

wars and sadness

I am love and sunsets

I am all sides of all arguments

I am Om and Omega,

The Big Bang and a grey funeral on a rainy day

My life story is written, fully

in the present moment,

the fervently alive,

gushing and perfectly still,


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