You are not a person

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe you are a person.
The notion of personhood is culturally and historically ingrained, yet upon true examination it withers and dies.

 We often use the terms human being and person interchangeably, but it is instructive to consider the differences.

A human being is a complex biological structure. It posseses what we call “life” which is more or less a description of how it intereacts with its environment.

What we call a “person” is something we associate with a particular human, more specifically to the brain functions we collectively call “personality” (which, incidentally, contains the word “person”).

Now, the idea that the human body is the generator of autonomous consciousness is in fact an assumption.

Science, indeed, has a hard time reconciling the notion that human beings are engines of volition.

In fact, quantum mechanics appears to be suggesting something else. And not only quantum physics, but some of the big picture questions asked by cosmologists, are better explained by an idea that is truly ancient; that consciousness, rather than being generated by biological entities, is in fact a fundamental property of the universe.

In this model we have a singular, universal consciousness which creates and sustains the physical universe, and human beings are objects which present their complex social, cultural and personal experiences to that one consciousness.

The illusion of being individual and autonomous is both useful and hard to break. When we think about human life we take it as an “a priori”, an unquestioned fact.

When scientific evidence points to the reality which mystics have long described, we call the science “weird”.

Yet this reality can be directly realised, and its implications collapse our understanding of ourselves and the world, like the perennial house of cards.

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