Upon awakening, the idea of death collapses completely. It is seen that “I” the singular and universal consciousness witnesses and experiences all bodies come and go.
Even deeper, there is no coming and going, yet this idea its beyond the human mind to fully understand and embrace, given how we depend on chronology to scaffold our experience meaningfully, suffice to say that time, as part of the space-time continuum is but one potential expression of consciousness.

So what happens  consciousness when the body dies?

Imagine you are watching the splendor of a field of fireflies at night. Though individual fireflies blink in and out, the spectacle is continuous.

Now, we, identifying as human beings, do not usually “see” a field of human beings from the inside, rather, we appear to experience life from the point of view of one human being, which we call “I” (although this is not the only mode of experience open human beings).

Now imagine that you are consciousness itself, again, the field of fireflies, but this time you are watching the scene from both outside and inside the fireflies.

It is the seeing, of the inside of an individual firefly, which in humans is mistaken for a self.

There’s nothing at all personal about that seeing. It’s just seeing. But in humans, what it is seeing its a complex web senses which creates illusion of a separate self.

When the body dies, the illusion is broken. A single firefly in the spectacle, blinks out. Consciousness its not altered anymore than the witness of a field of fireflies is by blinking off, of a single firefly.

Awakening is the transcending of the illusion of individuality and separation. Its profundity radially transforms what the experience of human life is.

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