You want to know peace. But your peace is disturbed.
First, by the thoughts and anxieties inside your head.

Next, by small things near to you, the irritation of a piece of rough clothing. A blister. The sound of a fly in your room when you’re trying to sleep. A dog barking.

Then by bigger problems further from you. A flood. Conflict in a distant nation.

The further something is from you, the larger it has to be to disturb you, and vice-versa. A fly buzzing in a room in a far off country will not disturb you in the least.

So we can say disturbance is related to proximity.

Yet there are some profoundly peaceful beings on the planet.

We can imagine they are Zen-like in the presence of a buzzing fly. But are they indifferent to suffering in the world?

How can one truly be at in peace in world with so much suffering?

I assure you, it does not take indifference to be at peace. One can be immensely compassionate and full of love, yet be at perfect peace.

The key is ones relationship to the world.

When the idea of identity, of being a person, is abandoned, then the winds that disturb the ocean of tranquilty are de-powered.

The world is accepted as it is. This doesn’t mean liking everything in it. But accepting it and holding it in love.

Now there liberation.Liberation from the tyranny of personhood. And it is seen that the only disturber of peace especially the ego. Can only ever be the ego.

Now what are we in the world? A mobile light. A pure stream of love, unspoiled by self regard.

We are at peace, and we are the embodiment of compassion.

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