To you, right now

Your life has lead you to this. You are standing on a precipice. You are Neo from The Matrix staring at the red pill and the blue pill in the hand of Morpheus. You are Alice reading “Drink me”.
Your life is the rainbow sheen on a floating bubble, and just as ephemeral.

But what you really are is the space in which all bubbles arise and disappear.

God is calling. The greatest gift is offered like a flower. You know it’s fragrance; home.

And yet, and yet…

You’re addicted to this dream. Not just the good parts either. As much as you are addicted to its pleasures, you are addicted to its anxieties and problems, because they all, no matter whether good or bad, create your ego.

And your ego doesn’t want to die.

Yet your ego its the cause of all your suffering. And though you may think it is the cause off all your joys, it is the cause off none of them. Joy is ego-less. 

A formula for joy could be “The experience of joy is in equal and opposite proportion to the density of ego”.

The sense of self evaporates when we are joyful. When the sense of self is less present, we are joyful.

Everything you consider to be you: your body, your life, your memories, even your mind; is but a film over the singular  and universal consciousness called God.

We are like billions of colourful bubbles emerging from the breath of God.

And when you realise this, when you experience it as reality, then everything changes, even as it is exactly the same.

Suddenly there is no centre. Sensations arise – colors, sounds, textures, but they are not arising to anyone. Thoughts arise. But they are not being thought by anyone. They just arise, spontaneously.

The “anyone” these things arose to, was the ego. But when the ego has dissolved, they just arise.

Now love flows naturally. Only the ego ever stopped loves flow. The ego is a love filter. When it is dense and concentrated in “me” very little love shines through. We talk about a darkness in people, or evil. This is an ego which is almost opaque.

In open, loving people, we talk about radiance, and light. This a translucent ego.

To awaken is not to transcend the ego, it is to dissolve the ego completely. To rob it of its ingredients, or supports. To give up this false (but very popular) idea of being a person.

To be the colorless presence of God. To be the effulgent love, the naked light, of awareness. To be the infinite consciousness of All That Is.

That is what you already are. You can take the red pill, or the blue pill. It’s up to you. 

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