The word Hope is held up to be a very positive thing.

This is a mistake.

Hope sets up a tension between outcomes. It says “this outcome is ok, but this one isn’t”.

That’s a duality. 

Awareness is ok with all outcomes,  therefore hope is a faculty of the ego.

To hope, then, is to draw the mind out of Being, Consciousness and Bliss, into the world of Maya.

Hope says “now is not ok” which is a lie of the ego.

How can peace exist side by side with hope? How can one rest in okay-ness, if one is hoping for something?

Hope is a tension. Seen in the now, that’s all it is. Hope requires an imaginary future. It is impossible to rest in the now while  indulging in hope.

Terms like hopeless, no-hoper and hopelessness are seen as negative.   But hope is the true negative form. 

A future is as firmly rooted in the word Hope, as it is in tomorrow or next year.

Don’t be afraid to be hope-less. Embrace it!

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