About time 

Nothing exists outside the present moment called now. Paelontologists find evidence of dinosaurs, but they find the evidence in the present.
This is not to say the past never existed. But it does not exist now. That seems obvious, yet it is worth considering. Does now seem flimsy or somehow moving? Of course not. How long is a moment? 

A moment is a figment of the imagination. There is now, there is past and there is future, but only now actually exists.

When we look at the stars we may see a star one thousand light years away, and on some level we think we are seeing the past, because the light has taken a thousand years to get here.

But what we are experiencing is here now. It is the light entering our pupils now. Only the present moment exists!

We can say ‘that star may no longer exist’ or this was what it looked like a thousand years ago. But what we perceive of the star, it’s light, still exists, and this is what it looks like NOW from our position in the universe.

The mind creates time. It is always Now O’clock.

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