Direct experience and mind play

 It is important to distinguish between direct experience and mind play.

If you talk to someone on the other side of the world, your actual experience is hearing sound coming from a speaker next to your ear.

The idea that this sound is coming from the other side of the world, or even that it is a person speaking, comes from the mind.

We’re not talking about the reality of the external world, we’re talking about direct experience versus experience of your own mind.

The activity of the mind is so close to us that we take it for granted. But if you look and see the mind play, it becomes obvious that you are not that.

You may be watching the news on television and there’s a story about some event in another part of the world. You can see pictures of that place, but what you are experiencing is a television screen.

So much of our experience is constructed by the mind. The mind is constantly creating context to what you are experiencing. Mostly what you are experiencing is your own mind.

When the mind is transcended, direct experience is a world without mental context. A world in which everything is vibrant and new. There is an aliveness to everything you experience.

People get to this experience with drugs or meditation, or just happens spontaneously. There is no time and death and no anxiety. All is peace, bliss and love. 

If this is an experience that comes and goes then it is sought out again and again, but in reality this is all there is. It’s not an experience, it’s the unchanging reality of what you really are.

Trying to use the mind to “achieve” this “state” is a form ignorance. The mind itself is the only thing that obscure this reality. Transcend the mind, you are not that. You are pure awareness. 

What you take to be yourself is just one little human phenomenon happening among billions on the planet. Leave that little phenomenon alone, it will function quite well without such constant attention.

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