A sharpened stick

What can I say to you right now?

You are not an individual person. 

You feel like you are. It has been your life experience that you are. 

The belief that you are a seperate individual has been reinforced since birth and it is pan-cultural. 

The truth of oneness is not merely an idea or a concept. It is not a psychological phenomenon. 

Oneness can be be known. It can be the totality of experience, the permanent unchanging reality.

Are you ready not to be a person?

It seems so very much to give up. Your story, your identity. In fact, it  is like being given a galaxy for a blade of grass. No, it is more than that; a universe for nothing.

I exist as awareness. As presence. Objects come and go within awareness. The sensations of colour and shape, sounds, thoughts and body sensations, all appear, within me.

I am Being, Consciousness and Bliss. Love unfettered, shines and I abide in utter peace.

So how, you may ask, is this achieved?

Is nakedness achieved?

Or do you just remove your clothes? This is not a riddle. Or even a mystery. 

Enquire “who am I?” And watch. 

That which passes in front of an eye cannot be the eye. What can you see? Even the mind can be seen. Even the ego. Travel then, to the “I” who sees. And it is without attributes, and it is the same in all.

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