I am looking at a flower (pointers and the presence of love).

Sometimes there is a pointer in our mode of speech. If we say “I am looking at a flower” there are layers of truth in the statement.

In that moment, what is the human being, other than “looking at a flower”?

If the attention is on the flower, then where is the personal history?

The sentence can be taken literally, in the sense of “In this moment what I am is – the looking at a flower, which is happening “.
In a deeper sense, the “I am” is the Absolute (or God, or Universe) so the original sentence speaks of the truth that “I AM” (Absolute/God/Universe) is looking at a flower.

Ultimately, God and the flower are inseparable. They are one. The Human Being looking at the flower  is inseparable from the flower.
And the Absolute witnessing the Human Being looking at the flower is inseparably one with “both”.

There is nothing we experience which is not our Self. There is no “other” or opposing force. 

All arises in the presence of love. 

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