On horseback, looking for a horse

Being a seeker is a lot like you don’t know what a horse is, but you’re told you have one, so you go out on your horse looking for a horse.You find a wise soul and you ask “Do you know where my horse is?”.

And they look half kind of amused, and a bit mysterious and they say “You are riding on it”.

And you think ‘how esoteric – I’m riding on it! What does this wise soul mean? Do they mean the desert? Or are they referring to the Earth itself?

So you keep riding. And you think ‘maybe I’m riding on borrowed time? Maybe a horse has something to do with time!’.

At night you make a campfire and you say to your horse “I don’t think I’ll ever find a horse”. Your horse gives a mysterious neigh.

The next day you look at a map and you see a “horse gully” and a “horse creek” so you decide to head for them.

You meet an old woman along the way and you ask her “do you know how I can find my horse” and she falls about laughing and shouts “it’s very close!”.

You look about but you can see nothing and you think ‘crazy old woman!’.

Later you ask the same question of a jolly fat man in ochre robes and he silently holds up his index finger, but no matter how long you stare at his finger tip you just can’t see a horse.

So you leave and keep riding and you come across a woman who is surrounded by followers,  so you ask her a new question, you ask “do you know what a horse sounds like” and she makes the sound of hoof beats and you think ‘but I’m hearing that sound all day!’

Finally you dismount and, deciding you must go on, on foot, you farewell your horse, who gives a mysterious neigh.

You come across the first wise soul  you saw on your journey, and he calls you a bloody idiot.

You begin to wonder if seeking is really for you. So you set off back where you came from, looking for your mount.

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