Ego is like an aurora

That which fears the loss of personal identity is the ego. The ego fears its own demise. But the ego isn’t you and never was you.

What may feel like a frightening loss is actually an infinite gain beyond expression. It is the gain of what was never lost, the removal of the opaque screen that obscured the treasure.

The screen is the ego. The very thing that fears for its own existence, the thing which seeks pleasure and avoids pain, the thing that feels conflict and jealousy, that very thing is the curtain obscuring infinity. 

And that thing is really no-thing. A shifting composite of biology, brain, senses, thoughts and memory. The ego is made of these, it is a phenomenon like an aurora is a phenomenon yet in reality is an effect caused by combined factors. The ego is just as shifting, just as changing and just as temporary as an aurora. 

In this analogy you are the space in which the aurora, and indeed the whole of the universe occurs.

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