The ephemeral existence of the dreamed character

Does a character in a dream wake up and realise they are a dream character? Do they become enlightened and carry on being a wiser dream character?

What the dreamed person is, is not different from the dreamer. But the dreamed person is an  ephemeral, limited phenomenon of the dreamers Being.

Analogous to this is the human being in relation to the Absolute. Convinced of his own independent existence, yet wrong and seemingly unable to make the leap to knowing that he is really the dreamer.

Yet for thousands of years sages have pointed a way to waking up. By following the thread of the “I” thought diligently and tracing it back to the all embracing consciousness which manifests the universe.

When the dreamed character realises they are really the dreamer, then the context of the dream is transformed beyond comprehension and what in Sanskrit is termed Sit, Chat, Ananda, or “Being, Consciousness, Bliss” arises spontaneously.

What can hinder love now?

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