The experience creates the experiencer. Look at a flower. Isn’t it creating the you that is looking at the flower in this moment?

There is a relationship between the experienced and the experiencer. A dance! Memory records the flower. The illusion of continuity is created by memory. Isn’t one without memory always new?

Doesn’t a sound make the experiencer of the sound? 

In this moment then, I am the feeling of this seat and the wall I lean against. I am the sounds of the cafe, the clatter of cutlery, the faint music. I am the smell of coffee, I am the sight of a half-full cafe. I am the thoughts arising in this mind.

Look more deeply and it is seen that I am the witness of all these things and they are all expressions of what I am.

What is not me? How could I think I was a separate individual, experiencing a human life? Isn’t this merely a convenient construct of a biological entity? Does that make it true?

Truth is seen. Truth is known. There are no boundaries. Intimately, seamlessly the boundless universe shines in the absolute! There is being, consciousness and bliss!

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