Finding the source

The mind sees itself in a positive sense, something which illuminates the world. 

To the awakened Self it is seen that the mind is negative in the sense that it obscures, rather than reveals the world.

It is like the image on the film in front of the projector light. The image is projected onto a screen and taken as reality.

In truth you are the source of light.  The mind discolours the pure light and creates a story on the screen. You are the pure light. 

I’m a sense this is already known because the pure light can see the image on the film. How could the image see itself?

The mistake is being distracted by the image-play on the screen. If one abides as pure light it is seen that one is the source of all images.

Pain only exists on the screen.  Pain is in the movie of your life. 

No matter how light the image on the film becomes, it is always duller than the pure light. As long as the image is identified with will exist and obscure.

The light is pure awareness and pure love.

Where the ego is dense the film is dark. Like a horror movie. Very little love touches the screen, the movie of your life.

The more refined, more pure the image the more love floods the screen.

Even so, it is not until one realises the Self, the source of pure light that the effulgent light of love flows untainted by any particular film.

Turn the mind back to the source. Back to the light shining in the projector.

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